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We are the Australian and New Zealand distributors for the PaddleAir range of products. PaddleAir are innovators and the world leaders in products to enable surfers with rib, sternum and lower back problems to be able to surf in comfort and to surf for longer.

Whether you have chronic problems that are keeping you out of the water or you’re off on an epic trip for a couple of weeks and don’t want miss out on water time with sore ribs, these are the products you’re looking for.

If you are looking for the “Best of Class” products that will give you value for money and won’t let you down, you’ve come to the right place.

We know, because we use the products and, mostly, we’ve used them for many years.

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PaddleAir’s Mission: Committed to Improvement

PaddleAir are committed to creating products that make paddling a surfboard easier, safer, and more comfortable for those passionate about surfing.

While surfers of any level of expertise can reap benefits from our paddle-wear, it is those who surf frequently, and over the course of time, who can most appreciate what PaddleAir products can do for their performance.

We salute the dedication of the generations of lifelong surfers who know well the rigours of paddling, and we will strive to develop new and innovative products of the highest quality possible.

It is our mission to give back to the surfing community tools that will enhance the surfing experience for the generations to come. Paddle stronger, surf stronger and surf longer.

The Founder of PaddleAir

David Hilts founded PaddleAir, Inc. in 2004. The company grew out of an idea Dave had for several years and decided to use it as a marketing project while finishing his degree at the University of Phoenix in San Diego. After he designed and tried his first prototype, Dave discovered how efficient the PaddleAir system worked and realised that his idea could be a real benefit to surfers with a lifelong commitment to the sport like himself. He also realised that the product could help entry level surfers and people with back problems or abrasions from paddling. He continued developing the PaddleAir paddle-wear line, and through the evolution of dozens of prototypes, came up with the current product selections available today.

Dave grew up in Huntington Beach and has been a part of the sporting goods industry for many years including working for a major wetsuit manufacturer and surfboard company. He has also been a manufacturer’s representative and owner of a retail sporting goods store.

PaddleAir is the culmination of years of working in many different action sports and other sporting goods industries. Dave has drawn from the knowledge gained from those experiences to create a completely new product in the sport that has been a central part of his life for over 45 years.