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Ergo – Why?

Q. Who will benefit from using PaddleAir Ergo?
A. Anyone who wants a more comfortable experience paddling and wants to increase endurance. 
– Surfers on extended surfing trips
– Surfers who suffer from rib or sternum pain
– Surfers with chronic back or neck injuries
– Surfers with short term injuries
– Surfers returning to the sport after an extended period
– Any surfer who wants an edge or to catch more waves
– Older surfers
– Novice surfers

Q. How can PaddleAir help me catch more waves?
A. PaddleAir will help you conserve energy by relaxing the back muscles and this should allow you to surf longer and catch more waves. 

Q. Can I wear PaddleAir under my wetsuit? 
A. PaddleAir can be worn either outside or inside your wetsuit.

Q. Will PaddleAir help me surf better?
A. PaddleAir should increase your time surfing and should help improve your performance.

Q. What does wearing PaddleAir feel like? 
A. Lie on your stomach on the floor and lift your head and neck up, and then try it with a pillow under your chest. PaddleAir has a similar feeling. 

Q. Is there any other product on the market like PaddleAir? 
A. PaddleAir is the only product of its kind on the market. 

Q. Can I use PaddleAir as a flotation device? 
A. No, PaddleAir is not a flotation device and should not be relied on as a life saving device. 

Q. Will PaddleAir Fit my body shape?
A. The PaddleAir system is designed so that the user can adjust the air chamber’s position to accommodate different body shapes.

Q. Have any studies been done to test the effectiveness of a PaddleAir Ergo?
A. Yes. The Ergo by PaddleAir was tested favourably by researchers at California State University San Marcos and the results published in The Journal of Applied BiomechanicsLearn more on our blog.

Q. How reliable is the PaddleAir air system? 
A. The air system technology is of the highest quality, similar to what is used in dive equipment, and is very reliable. 

Q. How long does it take to get used to the PaddleAir Product? 
A. It normally takes about two or three sessions to get to where you know how to perfectly adjust PaddleAir to your body shape and paddling style.

Q. Why should I buy PaddleAir?
A. Because there are so many benefits:

  • Paddle stronger
  • Surf Longer
  • Catch more waves
  • Ease back stress
  • Protects your ribs
  • Learn to surf quicker
  • Surf a shorter board
  • More power on big days
  • Get back into surfing
  • Have more fun!
  • Get a PaddleAir today!

Q. Do you have a video demonstrating how to use PaddleAir? 
A. Yes. Visit our PaddleAir YouTube Channel or play the PaddleAir ERGO Demo video below: