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Rib Rocket Really Rocks

Paddle Air have done it again!

They’ve perfected what many have tried in the past.
They’ve come up with an integrated, padded rashie to help those with rib, cartilage and sternum problems.

Here’s what Steve Ellis from Avalon Beach says about Rib Rocket:

Basically I haven’t surfed in years as I have a protruding sternum and my chest gets extremely sore. I took to doing stand-up surfing which took care of that problem, but sometimes there is no substitute for a surf. So I discovered the Rib Rocket on The Surf Guru and ordered one.
I am so stoked with this Rib Rocket and cannot tell you how it has changed my life. I have been in the surf every day the last week andnot once have I had any discomfort or pain.”

They also come in a Long sleeved version

Get yourself one here

Rib Rocket by PaddleAir
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